Montebelli offers a wide range of services to allow kids to make the best of Tuscan’s countryside life and at the same time allow parents to relax and take a break. We promise you that you will enjoy the best Family holiday in Tuscany, and we mean it!

The Kids Clubhouse

The Montebelli Kids Clubhouse is a friendly children’s wooden hut. It is the children’s meeting point and is used as entertainment area.

Activities for Children

The swimming pool, tennis court, and bikes are available throughout the day for children under adult care. Football can be played on a nice grass pitch, with football nets available upon requests.

Horse Programme for Kids

Our aim is to provide your children with meaningful and memorable experiences with self-awareness and respect for horses at the core.

We recommend starting with Session 1, which is an immersive experience in groundwork only (no riding) and teaches our approach of utilizing energy, not muscle, in all aspects of working with and being with horses. This eye opening experience will give your children new insight into their own energetic style, personality and patterns.

Session 2 includes riding, with the emphasis on the connection with the horses and awareness of own body, mind and spirit as the kids begin to move through Montebelli’s grounds from a new perspective.

Sessions for children 12 years and younger are 1 – 2 hours



This experience provides basic knowledge of the horse-human relationship. The instant we enter into a relationship with a horse, they begin to inform us about our presence, our habits and patterns, and our true feelings and commitments.

  • Connect and communicate with horses through your body language and energy.

  • Groundwork exercises may include grooming, leading, backing, or working with a horse in a round pen, using your energy to give direction and communicate with the horse.

  • Gain insight and inspiration from these majestic and authentic animals, as they respond to your presence, clarity and direction.