For those of you who are interested in self development and personal growth, Montebelli offers a wide range of activities, sessions and workshops throughout the year aiming to expand awareness, intentionality and balance for a better approach to life.

Montebelli engages with the best professionals to offer amazing experiences to offer a rich and varied integral learning environment devoted to cultivating deep change in self and society. This vision has been brought by Giulio Brunini , a Montebelli’s family member who has co-authored the concept of “Coming Back to Center”.

“Coming Back to Center” approach is a unique blend of Somatic Coaching – primarily based on the Strozzi Institute methodology of Embodied Learning (see strozziiinstitute.com) – Expressive Arts, Bioenergetics and Equine Guided and Leadership Coaching. This is a holistic approach where concepts are introduced and then experienced through physical practice; the result leads to sustainable transformation through new actions and behaviors that are more aligned with what you care about. (see www.comingbacktocenter.com).

Next workshop will be from 7th to 11th October 2018

During your stay at Montebelli, and upon advanced booking you may reserve individual, couple or group somatic coach sessions with Giulio Brunini. If interested please call our reception desk at +39 0566887100.